Graphic design & Communication : Lyon African Museum


What is the african museum ?

The Musée africain de Lyon is one of Lyon's most discreet institutions. However, its large collection of objects from West Africa makes it a unique museum. One of its missions is intercultural dialogue. In 2017, the temporary exhibition "Women's portraits" opened, presenting a collection of photographs of women from West African taken in studios (1960-1980) meeting with portraits of women from the Lyon's area (2016). It is in this framework that I had to create a graphic charte for the exhibition.

What are the issues to adress on this project ?

The museum already has a graphic charter, but extremely old, dark and cold, it was then necessary to rejuvenate its elements, without really changing them.
Its status as a private institution prevents the museum from accessing the city's communication tools, so it needed a strong identity that stands out , in order to give it visibility.
Since the exhibition featured many women, it was appropriate not to highlight one in particular. Our choice was therefore a plain background, and a strong typography.

Graphic charter

Practical application

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